Why Playing The Hungry Shark World Can Help You Mentally

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Hungry Shark World Tricks

Having played the Hungry Shark Evolution to the last level, I must say that there are more pros than the cons that the game has. When I started off playing it did not appeal to me much especially having watched some videos on my friend’s mobile. But what caught my attention instantly is the 3D graphics of Hungry Shark World that makes even the most mundane staving off of the attacks by the small Sharks a pleasure to watch. Finally, I decided to try my hands at it especially when there was ample free time to spend with the game.

To begin with, as with any other game, the initial stages can be tedious trying to gather as many points and coins as possible, especially when are low on cash as one has to dole it out for playing the game well at the higher stages. Once I learnt how to hack hungry shark evolution and gather the resources well from the game itself, it is how carefully I used them that determined the success of mu gameplay.

A big plus point of the game is that it encloses within it a vast and open world with plenty of seas as well as land life in it that makes it more realistic to play. I loved to roam the waters, with my Shark encountering endless varieties of fish and other creatures that are edible and also up to fifteen sunken objects to be discovered to add the adventurous dimension to the game.

The game surely gives a choice when it comes to completing the missions. There are more than seventy-five in all can be accomplished with the Sharks of different stature. Naturally, the higher the levels, the large and more effective are the Sharks, the prowess and also the enemies that they encounter.

There is the other dimension that can help in adding punch to the attack that Sharks like the Hammerhead, the Great White Shark or the Megadolon can accomplish. I loved the in-app armory that had all kinds of equipment to make my Shark a complete warrior, jabbing and stinging the Giant Crabs and other adversaries bleeding them to death to earn huge points and the coins.

The other advantage that the game offers is that there is a brief Gold Rush that comes at the end of a level once the player has obtained the requisite number of points. In this mode, all that is edible – fish or humans turn into gold eating which can earn a lot of coins and points.

There is excitement for sure under the water at each level with the hidden mine, some very swift and efficient submarines that shoot the Torpedoes. I loved it when I had to time my Daddy Shark headlong with the Sub and eat it before it could fire anything.

Time, pace and the rate at which my Shark devoured all that came before it won the levels and also the battles for me. If you are looking forward to being more agile mentally while relaxing your body, playing the game is a good option.…